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Jun 29, 2018


Biggest Takeaways:

  • David Drucker and Kit Lowell are two very distinct, well-developed characters
  • Julie Buxbaum’s portrayal of a teen boy with autism is realistic and, at times, gut-wrenching
  • Her portrayal of a grieving teen girl is also authentic and compelling
  • The involvement and advocacy of the parents in the book is inspiring and affirming
  • The characters’ relationships with their parents is complex and believable – from Kit facing her mother’s flaws, to David’s mother sitting next to him and rocking alongside him as he processed a trauma
  • There are stand-up-and-cheer moments and crying moments

Ish Girl Notes: After the bleakness of watching all thirteen episodes of 13 Reasons Why for Episode 19, this book was a welcome counterbalance. It’s optimism, the growth of the characters, the relationship that develops between Kit and David, the support that both characters receive from adults – these were all positive themes in the book.

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